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Executive Director

WSA Professional Speaker           

Gary Conner

World Speakers Association
Executive Director
7102 Mardyke Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46226-1804

Phone:  (317) 547-4679, Ext. 144

Expertise/Topics:   Business Internet Marketing, Professional Speakers Success, DISC Personality Profiles and Customer Service.

Member Since:  August, 2000

World Speakers Association, 2000-Present
American Professional Speakers Association, 2000-Present
Indiana Speakers Association, 2000-Present

Bio:   Gary Conner is known as "The Speakers Coach" SM.
He's also known as "The Business Marketing Coach" SM
because of his passion & expertise in business internet marketing.

The President of American Motivational Speakers BureauSM,
the Executive Director of the World Speakers AssociationSM,
the Author of the Secrets of the Best Professional SpeakersSM
& a Professional Speaker since 1978.

Zig Ziglar and Gary Conner

Gary is one of the world's best Speakers Coaches.
His specialty is coaching Professional & aspiring Professional Speakers in Professional Speaking Business Skills.

Gary's Coaching Practice can best be described by this quote: "Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it." Book: "Co-Active Coaching"

If you are ready to take your Professional Speaking Business to the next level,
Gary is the one to guide you to success!

Contact Gary for the details about "Guaranteed Coaching Results "!SM

For more information about have Gary as your Speakers Coach, call Gary at:

(317) 547-4679, Ext. 427

Gary is a Founding Member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC).
The IAC Code of Ethic ensures the highest level of professionalism for Gary's Clients.

Gary is also a Life Member of The School of Coaching, The Graduate School of Coaching and a Founding Member of Coachville, the world's largest training
organization for Coaches (Life, Personal, Business Coaches and more).

He is the Leading Authority on Life Systems Management SM !

In your business & personal life, Gary works you (as an individual or organization) to "Design, Develop & Perfect Passionate Systems That Create Success"! SM

Gary is also One of America's Most Exciting Speakers on Motivation, Understanding Personalities, Real Estate & the Professional Speaking Business .

Businesses are Transformed and Revitalized at Gary's Professional Presentations, Seminars & Coaching Events !

Gary is also the President of America's Best Pros SM, "America's Business & Association Management Firm"SM.

Gary is a Life Member of the World Speakers AssociationSM and the American Professional Speakers Association SM .

He is listed in the "Millennium Edition" of National Speakers Association's "Who's Who in Professional Speaking".

Gary was also listed as the President of the National Speakers Association Indiana in the 2002 edition of "Who's Who in Professional Speaking".
(Actually, he served as Vice-President that year.)

Gary is a Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor and is approved by the Indiana Real Estate Commission.

Gary served over a decade in the United States Army and is a Life Member of The Reserve Officers Association of the United States of America .

Gary was awarded the "Army Commendation Medal". This is "awarded to members of the United States Army who distinguished themselves by heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service."
Gary received this award "for meritorious service while serving as Company Executive Officer, 508th Service & Support Battalion, 108th Division...".

He is a Life Member of Gideons International. The Gideons place Bibles in hotels worldwide and give New Testaments to students, Doctors, Nurses, Fire, Police and Military Personnel.

Gary is the father of Austin Maxwell Conner, Taylor Sarah Elizabeth Conner & Nicolas Christian Conner .

Gary is a Student of Life! He really enjoys learning and believes that every experience of life is a lesson with something to teach us. He is a Born Again Christian who is most grateful for the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord & Savior.

Gary's interests include: Spiritual Growth, Relationships with Family & Friends, Physical Fitness, Internet Marketing and World Class Client Relations.

Gary's #1 Goal in Life is to Live in Oneness with God. And his #2 Goal is to Assist Others In Finding More of God's Success in Life.


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