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August, 2016

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Peter Nicado

Office:   (909) 292-3315

Expertise/Topics:   Inspiration and Motivation for Real Estate Professionals. The Winner's Mindset for Real Estate Professionals.

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American Professional Speakers Association
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Bio: Peter Nicado, an emigrant from Cuba arrived in America, with no money, no connections and no command of the English language. He went from working as a laborer in a factory in Louisville Kentucky earning $6.25 per hour to a successful entrepreneur. Peter is the founder of 8 real estate and mortgage companies, six in California and 2 in Florida.

Peter Nicado is also the founder of The Winner's Mindset Academy, a professional firm dedicated to helping businesses to achieve dramatic results and teaches people from all walks of life to be more successful with less effort.

What are the secrets that turned Peter's life around from defeat to unparalleled success? The answer is inside The Winner's Mindset presentations. Peter reveals his personal experiences and explains the principles that he developed and perfected to overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Peter is a dynamic motivational speaker, author and certified Business coach who specializes in Neuro - Linguistic Programming to help his clients to make permanent and positive changes in their lives. He also possesses a P.H.D (Persistence, Hunger, and Determination) to help your organization achieves results. He Guarantees it!

His mission is to unleash individuals' potential by giving people ideas, systems and strategies, the tools they need to attain the rewards they want in their lives faster than they dreamed possible. These are the same principles and tools Peter used to overcome the bitterness of hunger, poverty and sickness, even when doctors said, "It was impossible to get well". These tools allowed him to start savoring the sweetness of satisfaction, health, vitality and peace of mind. These principles also contributed to the founding of Peter's eight companies.

Peter Nicado educates real estate organizations and sales teams throughout the country on how to improve their business and amplify the internal human potential through an explanation of how the human mind works, real-life experiences and step-by-step exercises. His speaking style is vibrant, humor-laden, energetic and personal. Peter customizes every presentation to address the audience at hand and adjusts during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as he goes along. Peter speaks on three primary topics: Superior Performance, Neuro- Sales and Behaviorism.

Peter Nicado is a real estate broker with more than 18 years of experience. He is the founder of 8 real estate and mortgage companies. He hold four professional designations ABR, CFS, CRB, and e-PRO. With his experience, and knowledge, he can do with your business what he had done with many other organizations taken them to a higher level of success. Peter is also a dynamic international speaker, author and certified business coach, a winner in business and life by conquering barriers and achieving dreams. Peter speaks to organizations, delivering life-changing messages that keep the audience engaged and inspired long after his presentation. His story will inspire you and change the way you think. Peter is one of the few consultants, mentors and speakers that preach, teach and show you how to build your business successfully who had done it himself multiple times.


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